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4 Things Highly Persuasive Speakers Do |

women-presenting-1940x900_29955-Inc-SimsWyethThis is a nice piece (by Sims Wyeth via; especially for those concerned about engaging their audiences.

Sims Wyeth & Co.

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 Unfortunately, many individuals and organizations push out loads of “stuff” via social media and other mediums and feel they’ve done their part, only to wonder why their audiences show little to no interest–be it sales increased or awareness heightened. Whether by articles, social media or in person, there’s always a story to be told and a “why” to explain. THAT is the moment people become mentally engaged and follow through with action!

Wyeth paints a clear picture of engagement.
Read on via 4 Things Highly Persuasive Speakers Do |


All Hail King Content!

Content is and will always be king. Only the methods of getting messages to the villagers change. This being said, it can be difficult keeping other departments/colleagues/clients aware of this tried and true method–content strategy first!

Covering social media ground is important, yes, but it’s merely a tactic. You need meat and potatoes on that plate if you’re going to serve it and expect your audience to take it in and digest it for good use. Metaphors aside, with a content strategy in place from the start, you can instantly infiltrate all applicable mediums with intended messages tweaked (or not) for the appropriate target.

So, PR/communications leaders, add to you list of duties, giving your colleagues and clients early and constant reminders why we do what we do and why we lean hard on strategy from the get-go. Shel Holtz writes:

“For communicators, stellar outcomes begin with understanding what a strategy is and how it differs from objectives and tactics. Strategies define overarching approaches to achieving business goals. Tumblr, Instagram and every other platform on the planet are tactics selected to meet the measurable objectives you identify in support of your strategy.”

via Why you don’t need a Facebook strategy | Articles | Home.


Do new social media tactics net desired results? A case to study via Peter Gabriel

While watching David Letterman tonight, I was intrigued with the publicity tactic of promoting Peter Gabriel’s new album—New Blood—by performing one song on the show and driving fans to a website for a full, ‘on demand’ performance. A money saving/money making idea that incorporates fan engagement as well as measurement via site hits. Brilliant.

I’m curious if many of my colleagues in the field have used this tactic, what the results were and how satisfying or lucrative it was. Do tell.


Social Media Engagement | My Thoughts Enclosed: The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption [Robert Lavigne]

The current and future impact of digital and social media on PR is undeniable. I’m puzzled and somewhat surprised when new mediums are not embraced by PR practitioners and businesses. After all, it’s about communicating and getting and receiving messages however they are being communicated.

Fear of losing control of the message (and traditional strategy) is a thin veil for not being interested in truly engaging. A big factor in this new and evolving form of engagement is the fact that by getting immediate, raw feedback and digital coverage, we as practitioners now know, TRULY know, the response to our messaging and how to respond in order to reach people and ultimately grow a community — and, yes, positively affect the bottom line.

Robert Lavigne explores a related philosophy and shares his observation of the three gears of engaging in social media. Read on!

My Thoughts Enclosed: The Three Gears
of Enterprise Social Media�Adoption

By Robert Lavigne (September 16, 2010)

I was talking with my RHB-pal,Dave Howlett, on Facebook a few days ago about the problem with Social Media Experts. I made a point of stating how many of these so-called “experts” were quite often pushing social tools (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) without a clear understanding on their proper use. I ended my mini-rant with a statement that many social tool adopters were left stuck in a broadcasting mindset, leaving them wondering why they weren’t finding success. This lack of success was often leaving a bad impression on not only the toolsets being promoted, but more importantly a bad vibe on the entire consultancy process around their adoption. Read more via My Thoughts Enclosed: The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption « My Thoughts Enclosed….


Blaunch! (i.e., blog launch)

By Lysa Fitzhugh
As if I didn’t have enough to do. Another blog. Blogging can take up time and be frustrating – if I have nothing to say. As it turns out, I’ve been working in strategic communications for about 20 years, and that leaves me with experiences to share and recommend, techniques and tactics to contemplate, client scenarios to discuss, and of course, annoyances to vent.

I originally thought I’d start this resource as a repository of information compiled in such a way that makes sense to me based upon my experiences. Something I could tap into (and add to) from any location without missing a beat. (I’ve changed places of employment enough times to get tired of rebuilding files and adapting them to a new environment, or to just keep them updated.) So it makes sense to put them online. My portfolio Web site did not make sense for a storage area, nor did a business Web site. As I contemplated the right venue, blogging exploded and became more accessible. Simultaneously, my need to create an online “library” evolved into a type of open forum, much like the open marketplace of ideas, to serve more than just me. So here is Bailiwicking!

The term ‘bailiwick’ is used when referring to “an area of activity in which somebody has particular responsibility, or in which he or she has specialized knowledge or ability.” (Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.) As with many of my colleagues in this field, the core of my being is communications. Sounds corny, I know, but anyone who knows me would concur. And so, strategic communications is my bailiwick and in this blog I will, well, be ‘bailiwicking.’

There are several online resources by other communicators/groups I tap into for fodder and I may refer to them in this blog. I didn’t create this field and I don’t own it. It’s about sharing and supporting the strength and continual growth of strategic communications – be it PR, marcomm, creative, social media, audience engagement, strategy or tactics. It’s about contributing to the field from a unique perspective and understanding the similarities of all perspectives. This is my hat in the ring of chatter about strategic communications.

Dialogue welcome!

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