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White Paper Brilliance on Sales-oriented PR | Thomas Konrad, Unicat Communications

So many of us communicators and sales staff are either talking about this, arguing about it or avoiding its truth altogether.

Sales-oriented public relations is not the favorite activity of people like me who lean toward journalism and storytelling, but it’s necessary in many environments, so its worth becoming an expert in—for communicators and sales staff alike.

German PR professional  specializes in corporate and product PR, B2B communications for IT and high-tech companies and presents a brilliantly laid out white paper on the topic. The below quoted section excerpts are just a few of the concepts presented followed by the entire white paper.

I’d love to explore creating and facilitating a half-day study session, based on this paper, with communicators, sales professionals and C-suite folks to come to a new place of understanding and collaborating. Read on!

(from Sales-oriented PR white paper, by

Use content marketing and online PR to generate leads
By and large, IT companies in the B2B segment these days see their website as the first port of call for all product communication. Logically, they therefore invest heavily to attract traffic to their website. The most effective way to do this is by publishing content that adds information value for potential customers and decision makers …

Collaborate on content
The area with the largest overlap of sales and PR is customer-related content such as case studies, best practices and reference stories. Sales and PR teams should work together more closely to produce such content. …

More via About us – News – Unicat Communications PR Agency in Munich, Germany, specializing in IT, hitech and education. via White Paper Brilliance on Sales-oriented PR | Unicat Communications.


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